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We undertake complete bottling processing turnkey projects for gherkin processing machineries with 100 % solutions for fruit tip cutters, v-feed conveyors, vibratory screens , rotary type kettles mixers, agitators, syrup preparation agitator tank, ribbon blenders, gherkin pressing machine (squeezers), media pumping screw pumps etc.

1. Steam Jacketed Kettles: Is effective in various food processing applications. These machines are used to heat pulp, juice of fruits and vegetables to a desired temperature. Available in fixed and rotary type.


2. Ribbon blenders: With their multi fold action ensures economical and dependable thorough mixing of wide variety of products in minutes. They are used in leading processing plants, pharmaceutical, food and plastic industries for mixing of dry powder and pastes effective in mixing and blending of fruits and vegetables with sugar syrup.

3. Squeezers: Used to remove the water in cut gherkins.

4. Screw Pump: Positive displacement pump used for pumping high viscous liquid used for pumping high viscous liquids like jam, sugar syrup etc.

5. Agitators & Mixers storage vessels: These are used for mixing and preparation of preservatives, juice preparation and salt solutions etc. Agitator specially made out of PP material with inbuilt agitation system provides easy operation at lower cost

6. Fruit tip cutters: Used for cutting fruits to required size. Available in rotary type.

Dimensions and technical design depending on product and output capacity. MOC - AISI 304 or 316.